“Childish Dreams of Dirt and Pigs”

By Keegan

A few years ago, I was sitting in my parents’ storage room, looking back through old paintings and class projects that I had done as a child. I came upon a wrinkled kindergarten worksheet. On it, I had drawn a stick figure me, sporting a big straw hat and brandishing a pitchfork. The caption below the drawing said, “When I grow up, I want to be a faRmeR .”

Keegan in OrchardI was surprised to see this, as I had no memory of early agricultural inklings. These childish dreams of dirt and pigs and plants soon gave way to other “more grown-up” aspirations. After experimenting with such mature professions as substitute teacher, raft guide, EMT, bike messenger, and seamstress, I revisited my childhood ambition.

While my renewed interest in agriculture began as a hobby, I quickly discovered that farming was the perfect lifestyle for me. Farming was dynamic, physically rigorous, independent, outside work and I loved it. Growing food responsibly and sustainably gave me a sense of accomplishment and environmental stewardship. I knew I wanted to be a farmer and to one day raise my family on my own farm.

Following my kindergarten dream, I attended Colorado State University in Fort Collins to study Soil and Crop Science with a minor in Organic Agriculture. I worked on various farms with diverse crops and production styles, learning to grow, market, and manage. Last year, a long-time friend and employer in Lewiston, Idaho offered a portion of his land to me to start a small vegetable farm. Though it has taken me twenty years, I am finally becoming who my 6-year-old self knew I should be: a farmer (complete with straw hat and pitchfork).


One thought on ““Childish Dreams of Dirt and Pigs”

  1. I am so glad that you and others still want to grow healthy, clean food. What would we do without you!! I’m going to need to make time to take frequent trips to Lewiston to see you and Mike. xoxo

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