Guest Writer Blog Series

After so many boring food safety articles written by yours truly, I thought we should mix up the blog a little bit! Starting now, we will post a blog every month written by an amazingly creative and interesting guest writer. Now, without further ado, allow me to introduce River City Farm’s Bodacious Bloggers!

emeraldEmerald LaFortune

Emerald is an Moscow-native and former president of 1,000 NewGardens, a Missoula, Montana based organization dedicated to helping community members start their own backyard garden plots. She graduated from the University of Montana with a degree in Environmental Studies and Non-Profit Management and currently works as a whitewater rafting guide in Idaho. Her favorite Idaho-grown treat is fresh basil!

1533763_10201663358920589_1543530229_nSeneca Kristjonsdottir

As an artist and professional beekeeper, Seneca has been working in Denver, Colorado mentoring new beekeepers and working on installations to promote pollinator awareness for the past three years. Her work currently focus on backyard beekeeping and pollinator habitat restoration in the city She hopes to  promote the health of struggling pollinator communities and foster sustainable relationships between humans and our ecological partners through a renewed understanding of the places we live.

Codye Reynoldsgood codye

Codye is a river guide of 13 years and freelance writer. She revels in starry skies, wild rivers, water ouzel watching, and working in canyon country. She hails from Durango, Colorado, rows Idaho rivers in the summer, and spends the winter months in Madison, Wisconsin. Yes, her old car has a lot of miles on its speedometer.

Dory Athey532341_773112619186_1711172796_n

A writer, cyclist, food-enthusiast, and always-student, Dory lives in Missoula, Montana.  She hopes to bring possibly self-indulgent musings about food, farming and the poetry of such to the River City Blog community.  She’s also the luckiest person in the world because she gets to be Keegan’s little sister.

Charlie Blackmer

CharlieCharlie is a senior studying Mass Communication and English at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction. The River City Farm blog is the perfect opportunity for her to gain experience in the oh-so-important world of social media. Charlie has been instrumental in establishing RCF’s online presence. She not only designed the website and set up the blog, she shot, produced, and edited RCF’s kickstarter video.

Gena Moore

Bio and photo coming soon!


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