Who We Are

River City Farm is a one acre vegetable farm in Lewiston, Idaho. We grow a wide variety of biologically produced vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Our produce is available at the Moscow Farmers Market, through our CSA Program, at local restaurants, and at our weekly farm stand.IMG_0308

Our mission is to be a sustainable, local food source for the LC Valley and surrounding communities. We want to connect consumers with their food and their farmers, so we encourage community members to come to the farm and get involved.

IMG_7565Keegan Athey is the founder of and full-time farmer at River City Farm. She started the farm in 2014 after several years of small-scale vegetable production experience and earning her BS in Soil and Crop Science and Organic Agriculture from Colorado State University. She is psyched to share her passion for local food with her community.

unnamedDory Athey spends much of the year pursuing her master’s degree in publishing, eating good food with good people in Portland and studying sustainability and social justice through the lenses of text and publication. She spends the summers working for River City Farm, soaking up the dirt and Idaho sun that make everything else worth it and, of course, eating good food with the best people.

And, of course, our furry, feathered, and insect friends:

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