How to Help

Volunteering for Veggies

DSCF1323Want to get some fresh air and exercise? Want to get your hands dirty? Want to learn more about gardening? Want to earn fresh veggies for you and your family? If so, come volunteer with River City Farm!

We encourage all interested community members to come visit our farm and get involved. Once the growing season gets rolling, we will designate specific volunteer days each week. Volunteers can work anytime during the designated times and days. Hours will be calculated and veggies will be awarded accordingly. Can’t wait to dig in the dirt with you!

Working CSA Memberships

DSCF1195We have room for several working memberships in our CSA this season.Working members receive $100 off the price of their CSA share. In exchange, working members are required to commit to 2 hours of farm work per week from May through October. Schedule adjustments can be made for illnesses, family vacations, etc., but all hours must be made up.

Becoming a working member is a great way to save money on fresh, local veggies and learn about sustainable farming, but it is also a lot of hard work! Working members are an important part of our work force and must, therefore, be physically fit and willing to work in all weather conditions. To ensure that expectations are understood, an interview process will be conducted. Please contact us at to pursue this great opportunity. 


We want to support local businesses and keep money in our community. If you have a specific skill, product, or service that you would like to trade RCF in exchange for produce, please contact us at


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