DSCF1291L/C Valley and Palouse Community

We are blessed with an amazingly supportive community of customers, volunteers, friends, farmers, and businesses. Thank you for eating our food, supporting our farm, and helping us grow our local food system.

Curt Chang

Curt is a Lewiston local and business owner who gave me the opportunity to start River City Farm on his land. He also gave the farm its wonderful name! His generosity has transformed River City Farm from a dream into a reality. I am so grateful for his support and enthusiasm.

Charlie Blackmer

Charlie’s journalistic and social media experience have been invaluable in the development of River City Farm’s online resources.

Gena MooreDSCF1278

Gena designed our beautiful River City Farm logo. She has also painted several signs for us. I am so thankful for her willingness to share her artistic talent and creativity.

Kickstarter Backers

Thanks to the support and generosity of our amazing community, River City Farm’s Kickstarter campaign raised $5,400. The Kickstarter pledge money is being used to cover most of the farm’s start up costs. Thank you so much to our awesome Kickstarter backers for helping make RCF a reality!

DSCF1885Friends and Family

River City Farm would not be possible without the continued support of my family and friends. Thank you all for your love and encouragement.


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